Investment Management
Private Client Accounts

Ingalls & Snyder provides investment management services to U.S. and International private clients, including individuals, retirement accounts, trusts, and estates. Our services are tailored through separate accounts to each client’s financial needs and goals. We construct portfolios for clients based on our own fundamental research and securities analysis, and invest across multiple asset classes, including U.S. and global equities, taxable and tax-exempt bonds, listed options, private placements, exchange traded funds and mutual funds.

Rather than offer a single investment approach to all clients, Ingalls & Snyder is comprised of a number of seasoned Investment Advisors with individual investment styles, each of whom manages accounts for a broad range of clients. Nevertheless, a few common themes characterize our Investment Advisors. We tend to be long-term investors, and we look for securities that offer good value. We believe that clients are best served when their core investments are held in securities directly, rather than in funds.  We believe outside mutual funds and hedge funds should primarily be used at the margin to round out portfolios or obtain a unique investment exposure.

We believe that personalized investment management means more than just researching and trading securities. We seek to build strong, enduring relationships with our clients, and in many cases, several generations of their families. We study each client’s financial objectives, risk tolerance, cash flow requirements, estate plans and charitable giving goals, to build and maintain a portfolio suited to their lives. We also aim to provide our clients with a high level of personal service on their account, such as they might receive from a family office.

Clients receive monthly statements of account activity and asset valuation, available in both printed and electronic form, as well as comprehensive year-end information with pertinent tax data. Such data can be automatically delivered to accountants upon request.

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